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We strongly believe that there is a difference between being educated and being educated enough. Our vision is to bring about a society full of individuals who are educated enough, by recognizing character and intelligence as the true qualities of education. What started off as a small coaching center in a two bedroom apartment, established to pursue the founders’ passion in teaching, has now resulted in a well-established academy which has shaped the lives of 1000+ students.

Imagine your child following a study routine all by himself, no more reminders needed.

It is known that all of us do things that we enjoy doing or have understood its importance. Give your child that around the clock care and feel with our innovative e-learning tools, equipment, and resources in their customized routine that helps your child develop interest and to follow a discipline.

Learning to Learn

Studying and learning are two different things, with our young team from diverse fields and varied experience along with our periodic research,  help your child explore their study habit, learning style and methodology, and discover themselves so that next time the timetable is  not simply  stuck to the wardrobe.

Is your child facing problem in balancing academics and co-curricular activities?

True education lies in everything around us, yet as parents academics has always been a major concern, provide your child with a customized routine to follow enabling them to balance academics and pursue their passion. Book a private session or avail all our resources, next time your child misses a class due to tournament to play ahead


There isn’t a general formula!

Your child is different in all ways, we have understood that what works for one need not show the same results in the other. Join hands with our team to give that support your child requires in understanding themselves by providing a balanced and customized routine that helps in an overall development of your child

Breaking Stereotypes……..

We at Ashank have always tried breaking out stereotypes, let your child receive a rich flavourful experience of all domains enabling them to make an informed decision of their choice. Give your child a deeper understanding of each stream and the integration of these in real-time.

Because it is all about, being the best in what you do.



“I was searching for a good coaching institute for a while and I am glad I finally found good place. I am able to understand topic easily. I found Mathematics  and science usually hard but its now become easy.”

— Tahera Fathima in Grade X, SSLC

“The tutors are very helpful & encouraging. They have helped me a lot in the past two years”

— Seshagopalan in Grade X, ICSE

“The tutors are very encouraging and friendly. The infrastructure is very comfortable”

— Varun T.V. in Grade X, CBSE


“I like the approach Ashank has adopted & I am very happy with it.”

— Subash in Grade VIII, ICSE


“All the teachers are very friendly and I enjoy my time here.”

— Nickson in Grade X, SSLC


“The teachers are very friendly and this has helped a lot.”

— Khalid Hassan in Grade X, ICSE

“Feel like home, student friendly environment. Student compatibility is considered & innovative teaching method are adopted. The staff are very understanding & co-operative.”

— Mayank in B.E.(E & C)

“The academy has helped my daughter to enhance her interest in the subject and as a result improve her performance.”

— Rajitha Unni, Parent



“I can understand everything they teach and I'm happy and eager to learn new things now.”

— Mary Janus Daniel in Grade X, ICSE


“I find my two hours of my day very useful and beneficial.”

— Manjushree in Grade X, CBSE


“I am able to understand topics that I usually don’t understand at school.”

— Ankit in Grade X, CBSE


“The academy has helped me getting high marks from average marks.”

— Allen Ajay in Grade IX, ICSE

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