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01. Would my child receive personal attention?

Here at Ashank, we consider every student unique & important, hence we restrict the number of students to 20 per batch for better understanding of concepts and easy handling

02. What are the timings and duration of classes?

Timings vary depending upon batches & syllabus to be focused on. The student can opt for early morning batches as well. Each class lasts for a duration of hour and a half at an average

03. What is your approach for average student?

Each student irrespective of their academic capability is initially investigated to diagnose any academic skill that they lack. The student is then trained to meet his academic requirements pertaining to his grade.

04. What is the nature of your teaching fraternity?

Our team comprises of a group of young staff who are passionate about teaching and have just completed their education. They are trained to teach students and incorporate technology into their teaching, this helps in better connectivity with the students.

05. Your faculty team is young, as parents how do we trust them.

That’s why you should! This lets the student & the teacher have better communication. The faculty team have been trained and advised to handle different student in diverse ways.

06. How often do you give tests/exams?


To monitor every student & to analyse their growth, tests are conducted every 15 days or after completion of 2 chapters in every subject. The marks obtained are recorded and will be at the parents’ disposal to access.

07. Do we have to make a onetime payment?


​Payments can be made in two instalments

08. Does my child have to quit his extra-curricular activities at school due to his academic?


Ashank believes in overall development of the student. Balanced learning is encouraged, and a customized timetable will be provided helping the student balance academics & pursue their interest.


09. Do you conduct weekend or short-term courses?


Yes. The timing may vary to make sure the regular batches are not disturbed.

10. How many days does the child have to come?


The middle & high school students up to the 10th grade are required to come 5 days a week and the higher-grade students minimum 6 days a week.

11.. How do you go about with students who enroll late?


The team analyses the student, enriches the student’s current academic skills at the earliest and the student is then trained for the upcoming tests/exams at his/her school. The chapters missed due to the late admission are taken care of with additional classes.

12. When do classes for NEET, JEE & CET 2020 commence?


NEET & JEE classes start on the 1st of July 2019. This is to make sure a few chapters of the board syllabus are first completed. CET 2020 preparation will be during the month of December 2019 and April 2020.


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“I was searching for a good coaching institute for a while and I am glad I finally found good place. I am able to understand topic easily. I found Mathematics  and science usually hard but its now become easy.”

— Tahera Fathima in Grade X, SSLC

“The tutors are very helpful & encouraging. They have helped me a lot in the past two years”

— Seshagopalan in Grade X, ICSE

“The tutors are very encouraging and friendly. The infrastructure is very comfortable”

— Varun T.V. in Grade X, CBSE


“I like the approach Ashank has adopted & I am very happy with it.”

— Subash in Grade VIII, ICSE


“All the teachers are very friendly and I enjoy my time here.”

— Nickson in Grade X, SSLC


“The teachers are very friendly and this has helped a lot.”

— Khalid Hassan in Grade X, ICSE

“Feel like home, student friendly environment. Student compatibility is considered & innovative teaching method are adopted. The staff are very understanding & co-operative.”

— Mayank in B.E.(E & C)

“The academy has helped my daughter to enhance her interest in the subject and as a result improve her performance.”

— Rajitha Unni, Parent



“I can understand everything they teach and I'm happy and eager to learn new things now.”

— Mary Janus Daniel in Grade X, ICSE


“I find my two hours of my day very useful and beneficial.”

— Manjushree in Grade X, CBSE


“I am able to understand topics that I usually don’t understand at school.”

— Ankit in Grade X, CBSE


“The academy has helped me getting high marks from average marks.”

— Allen Ajay in Grade IX, ICSE