Online Live Tutoring

Online Live-Stream Subject Classes

At Ashank we provide online live-streaming classes up-to 90-minute class for every subject they are enrolled in. These advanced classes, designed to complement and reinforce regular school learning, help to ensure that students are as prepared as possible for upcoming exams.

As a result of our proven Ashank curriculum, our courses offer students  the opportunity to consolidate information, progress on new content and learn in a different way.With years of experience and feedback, we have refined each program to make it as beneficial, logical and educational as possible for each subject.Based on the design of the Indian curriculum for each subject, we make sure that you are exposed to the information you need to know to excel. With built-in time for mock assessments and intensive exam reviews, our Ashank curriculum is robust and deep.

Including online discussions, activities and digital interactivity, our weekly courses offer quality, consistency and accessibility. And the best part is each class is recorded, which means you can revise the class later in the year.