Updated: Jun 6, 2020

- Syed Mohammed Aamir


When you hit the bed tonight,

Don't do so with remorse.

Be reminded of the fight,

That many are enduring through this difficult course.

Take a few seconds out,

And pray for the ones in need.

Because the universe is always a scout,

For the ones that acknowledge a good deed.

It's harsh for us, i understand.

Bound between four walls that soon seem so bland.

A choice to confide with, none, but us.

It puzzles me to think that one's own company can be a fuss.

Struggling to keep hold,

Of the many decisions that start to unfold.

"I have to do something. I cannot waste this time."

Can we really be productive if we just, whine?

"I cannot stay here any longer. I'm losing my mind."

For the soul's true capabilities, it is now an opportunity to find.

These times are tricky,

These feelings, rare.

But its something thats quite out of the ordinary,

Helping our soul to prepare.

Hold on, brave and spirited, with a smile.

Give yourselves a break.

There are innumerable opportunities out there, mile after mile.

Are you going to bloom or perish, its your decision to make.

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