A Cohesive Pillion

- Harish Kumar


Chances of me naming this write up as “The Fevicol Story” was 90% but funnily enough I might have somewhere slid in this catchy title in the later segments of this account. But before that, I would like to give an insight on the purpose of this note and one defining term for that will be “Ashank Academy”.

Synonymously known by the batch of 2017 as the Post School Fun Academic Center ,which it certainly did live up to .Ashank Academy as a memory reminds me of a timeline in my life where an educational institute helped in changing my perspective on a few subjects from hatred to loving every detail of it. What really makes me write these lines is that, I previously have never been a part of a system in institutes where learning was made fun and casual. The environment was such that we were taught with so much student-teacher casual interactions that it broke the stereotype of a “serious, strict, study only teacher” perspective and created a new impression in the teaching field for all of us.

To be a little specific, Biology was that subject for me and it was taught by Yashas sir. He was our teacher on paper but a friend in reality; such was the Student-Teacher relationship atmosphere. Biology as a whole was taught as a simple concept where he heavily correlated topics with examples from his own life .This ideally broke the ice and established a great connect with all of us. Moreover, to bridge the gap ,sir approached the field with a student perspective as he was one of us too back in the day!

A close educating method built a great relationship and an even better learning experience because we were genuinely intrigued with the teaching style and were really inquisitive to see what we learn next.

Hence, building that attention span to understanding terminologies and eventually loving the subject! Learning curve is what they commonly refer to but I’d say it’s a learning cycle. Complete and on a roll! (haha pun intended)

Now Adding on to why I named this “A Cohesive Pillion”.

Batch of 2017 ICSE needs no description for its notorious records, but they equally were a bunch of very smart people .These students were highly entertaining, pretty sure the institute won’t deny the fact and the cohesiveness we had as a batch was nothing less than that of a Fevicol, we “stuck” to being an entertaining lot accompanied with great learning!

I look at this section of my life in a metaphorical way, where a Pillion on a bike need not always go to the same destination as the rider but Ashank is high on cohesiveness and personally invests in the lives of students in helping them reach the next level of their lives. Therefore, by hosting this spirit as a cohesive pillion, the institute will travel along with the rider to reach their desired destination!

Have Fun Learning!

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