COVID-19: Eye-opener For Education System In India.

- Likitha Suresh


COVID-19, the most trending term all around the globe is known for the severe damage it has caused. India being the third worst hit countries by covid, has already faced an economic collapse shortage of medical facilities and nation wide lockdown for months. The Educational system has also been severely affected, too. Prior, students attended schools for 8 hours where education was imparted. With COVID-19 bringing on the "new normal", E- learning has been introduced to continue the learning and teaching despite the figurative shutdown of schools. With this interesting alternative being used, Zoom, Microsoft teams and other platforms have gained huge recognition as a means of digital learning. This advance method of teaching requires trained teachers who know how to use it, otherwise untrained faculty may cause confusion in the process of interpretation; some students don't prefer online classes as they do not have the necessary gadgets and network connection. Looking at the current scenario, students have become victims of the virus, too. With the onset spreading of the virus, board examinations of both X and XII grade could no longer be continued. After months of studying and giving up every exam possible; the decision of calling off the exams by the board displeased masses of students, as all the hard work and the preparation was all down the drain in a short span of time. Every news about the continuation or cancellation of exams stressed the pupils out; many students did not have their last day to experice neither they did they have their proper send-off with a valedictory ceremony, with this being the last few memories the student gets.

Our country has always produced great scholars and is a place bearing toppers who always top the country with such close competition from fellow students. But, what never really is shed light on is, the marking system which the various boards follow in India. Usually a student is marked on the basis of how much he/she scores out of the maximum Marks and the percentage is calculated based off all the subjects written. In the very end, every school is known for getting percent results, with every student getting above average Marks.

With this pattern being followed for years and years together, this year was a different scenario placed at the table. With exams not being held, students were supposed to be graded fairly with a proper methodology. With parents and students worried about the results; the only aim was not to bring animosity between parents and the grading system of their children. The prior system of marking was never helpful during a time of crisis as of now, considering the seek has always been for cent percent results.

Countries all over the world have their own grading systems and methodologies. Places like Spain and Netherlands use grading scales from 1-10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Germany and Switzerland being no different to the former places use grading scales from 1-6 with a slight change and include 4 as the passing range. While countries like the US have a long history of GPA's with their grading system having an in-depth analysis all on it's own. All these countries compared to India's system of grading is quite different and student friendly.

With all this being said, the virus was one of the good reasons for the educational system to realize how broken it was in both literal and figurative terms. This current situation put forth was just an eye-opener for the educational board.

As a student myself, I would say why be given a specific criteria of ranking in schools? When everything which goes on behind, in the educational system is just to benefit schools with cent percent results and be featured on the front page of newspapers to maintain their fame. With every burden the students bear in their academic life; in the very end why do most reputed colleges only opt for toppers with a cut-off of 95% or above? Makes sense work hard and hard work pays off. But there is no voice raised for students who manage to get distinction Marks but still don’t make it by percentage difference. They did put in their efforts to their maximum capacity; but still fail to make it into the spotlight. Or what is the point having academics focused people when they're so many other talents?

All these things mentioned about the education systems must change for the good. For the benefit of all students. Be it for above or below average students. Hopefully this situation helps the system to rectify its flaws and work towards bring student friendly changes.

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