IPL: the blockbuster of Indian cricket leagues.

-Likitha Suresh


Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL, is an ongoing cricket t-20 league hosted by the BCCI representing various Indian cities. Over the course of time, IPL has gained a mass ton of viewers not only from India but, from other places, too.

After providing twelve years of constant cricket phenomena by the players in IPL, this year was no different. Despite the unfavourable situation, we the viewers, are given another season to witness the cricket action from the comfort of our houses. Every year, the BCCI provide us with a much improved and better season which surpasses the previous season.

The money which gets invested into various franchises annually, the game plan strategies, the stadium maintenance, etc are all an example, which proves to show how much work goes in, off field, too. India might as well be the only country that plays and celebrates cricket in such magnitude, with every ball that goes by and every shot that is fired into the night sky. Indians around the world are filled with awe by how much this game means to them with every passing moment.

With, every team has an immaculate fan base who would never trade them for a loss.

Their support system is held strong even during the times when the game does not go in their favour. IPL which started off as a tournament to shed light on local players has now become a national sensation providing new and young talent every single year, where they are groomed and nurtured not only with the best coaches but also with overseas players.

With every nail-biting finish, to smooth victories, the game has brought friends, families and even strangers together to watch it with much anticipation, which has now proved to become a great source of entertainment in Indian households. IPL has not only made its way through every cricket loving fan but also even through those who do not.

Irrespective of the support the teams receive, though they are divided regionally, the fans always come together as one and stand united when it’s the men in blue Jersey's playing for their country on field. Thereby, making the Indian Cricket team the most loved and supported.

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