Updated: Jun 6, 2020

- Likitha Suresh


Like every other graduating student, we the pupils are at our last year of schooling with big dreams to achieve and memories to create with a ton of studying to be done. This is when every tenth grader, no matter how good of the grades we get, we are in need of ADDITIONAL TUTORING. Which brings every parent on their heels on the search for THE BEST TUITION'S for their kids. Ashank was one such academy which aimed at helping us through! As any tenth grader would say we are loaded with enough to study at the end of every day.  While after school, Ashank was the second place of learning but sometimes it would be the first place of learning for majority of us when we didn’t pay attention at school. The schedule of classes would start at 5:30 pm to where we would walk or cycle down to. This way we were never given the chance to be bored of the same old subject scheduling. We would have teachers in our classrooms who would always help us by clarifying our doubts. With the last hour of classes we would be hoping to pack our bags and leave just to end up talking to our friends yet again. For me, on my first day, I was completely nervous about the new environment, fitting in and making new friends; but after the few demo classes and teaching manner I ended up there for two years. Henceforth, my days would start off by attending school and end with coming back from Ashank academy. Sometimes, it wasn’t always learning, we would have our part of fun too. With every chapter done we would go home to get prepared for our worksheets which would be given just to see how much of the chapter was understood by us. Cracking worksheets would bring us joy and stir us up for the other lessons.

As a tenth grader, with other subjects to study and projects to be done, the worksheets played a vital role. This way the chapters learned were revised. When everything was wrapped up for the day, we would leave yet again to return to the same place at the same time the following day. The time when every student would been seen peering into their books would be when then examinations were conducted. This would throw us off to test how well our chapters were learnt. It was also another learning experience, to learn from all our mistakes and seek help from the teachers present there who would always help us through by even re-explaining chapters. With school exams around the corner, our weekly offs had to be used wisely to concentrate on other subjects which were equally important. Weekend classes were used to their fullest for the completion of portions. When it came to chemistry classes it wasn’t always my cup of tea to listen to the boring explanations at school. But trust me, the class I would concentrate more would be chemistry at Ashank! It would easily surpass cause of how well the concepts were taught to us with even memorizing the equations; along with the other subjects which were equally taught well. Days passed by, weeks, months with force, radioactivity, matrices, electrolysis on loop preparing us for tests, prelims and mainly boards! “Boards are your turning point, they determine your future.” The most common myth which every student giving boards has heard from several years. When it comes to me, I am the one who studies everything and ends up panicking. Yes, probably every nervous student goes through that. Those were the times when the teachers at Ashank always boosted up our confidence and kept telling us, “Boards are like any other exams but even more easy.” With every test, worksheets, two rounds of model exams held at the academy, we were nearly prepared for our boards. I would strongly contradict someone who would say, all we did was learn because as said before we would enjoy, too.  Looking back celebrating teachers birthdays, the Given a whole day dedicated to us on Children's Day, Teachers day, getting to play secret Santa on Christmas with the my fellow friends and teachers, organizing a complete batch lunch with games. All of these right here, remind me of the fun and good times at the Academy. As any concern of the parents amongst coaching centers, the teacher’s main goal at Ashank was the completion of portions.  I would have heard a ton from students of others coaching centers say, “We completed our portions months ago.” Here, we completed our portions in time, concentrating on the important chapters. But honestly the main thing about Ashank and the teachers was that they never rushed us through with the portions, we were given our time and space into understanding the concepts, which played an immense role in scoring. Time management was the key here.  So as I'm writing this, I've given up majority of my board exams and I would say, they aren't like any of the exams written in school. But surely every amount of hard work put in, solving last ten years paper, months of studying and learning, nothing could surpass the joy of easily cracking the board question paper. I've learnt a lot from Ashank apart from books, too. Or to phrase it up in better terms Ashank academy was a place of friendship, learning, teaching, admiration for one's work; some friends turned into great friends, and teachers became friends, too. Probably my time or experience at Ashank would not be summed up if it was not for 10 notifications I would wake up to on the Ashank group, chewing gums and getting yelled at, or even the reception area talks with friends after classes and the chaos we caused. One could ask “why Ashank Academy?” makes sense cause they are so many institutions in the rise, but what makes Ashank authentic will always be the passionate teachers, facility, new innovative ideas of teaching, their work ethic and mainly recreating a classroom vibe for its students which is very difficult given the fact that nothing can replace the aura of a school classroom. To finish this off, I would say, two years of learning felt complete with all of its highs and lows. 

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